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All material relating to popular resistance to state attacks against the people


Manmohan-Sonia-Chidambaram is Responsible for Mandadi Yadi Reddy's Martyrdom!

Indian State is forcing hundreds of youths from Telangana on the Path of Suicide!

Form Telangana State Immediately! No More Delay and False Promises!

Today on 20 July at around 7.30am, Mandadi Yadi Reddy -a thirty-year old student from Ranga Reddy district of Telangana- hung himself to death in front of Krishi Bhavan, a stones' throw away from the Parliament, the North Block and South Block, and from Rashtrapati Bhavan. In his 20-page suicide note written in Telugu, he demanded the formation of Telangana state without any delay.


Release All Political Prisoners Unconditionally! Remove All Armed Forces from Areas of People's Movements!

...Our researchers into Public Opinion are content
That he held the proper opinions for the time of year;
When there was peace, he was for peace; when there was war, he went.
He was married and added five children to the population,
Which our Eugenist says was the right number for a parent of his generation.
And our teachers report that he never interfered with their education.
Was he free? Was he happy? The question is absurd:
Had anything been wrong, we should certainly have heard.

-- WH Auden

Dear friends,

The miseries of vast sections of the toiling masses have gone from bad to worse with the aggressive implementation of the policies of Liberalisation-Privatisation-Globalisation by the successive governments at the centre and various states in India. These policies of selling the immense wealth and resources of the people to the Multinational Corporations and domestic money bags for a song, have threatened the very survival of lives and livelihoods of the masses in the subcontinent. Orissa has been the nerve centre of such desperate attempts from the ruling classes to open up the veins of her rich forests, rivers, valleys and hills for imperialist loot and plunder. Needless to say the people of Orissa have fought tooth and nail these dog-eat-dog policies of the government in service to imperialist capital and their domestic collaborationists.


Condemn the Repression of JNU Student Activists!

JNU Forum Against War on People:
"Condemn and Defeat Administration's Circulars 'Restraining' the Activities of JNU Forum against War on People! Oppose the Witch-Hunt of Students in the Name of Proctorial Enquiry! DEFEAT OPERATION GREEN HUNT AND ITS JNU AVATAR!"

The Indian state's war against the people in the form of Operation Green Hunt launched almost two years back is aimed at facilitating the corporate plunder of peoples' land, forests, and resources. In the process the state has unleashed a spate of violent repression of the people fighting against this corporate loot.


The Supreme Court categorically ordered the disbanding of Special Police Officers and Salwa Judum!



In a judgment yesterday on 5 July, the Supreme Court declared the deployment of tribal youths as Special Police Officers (SPOs), Koya commandos, Salwa Judum or any other name to be illegal and unconstitutional, and has ordered its immediate disbanding. Justice B. Sudershan Reddy and Justice S. S. Nijjar strongly condemned the state for violating constitutional principles by arming and vesting powers of the police on the adivasi youths in Chhattisgarh. The Supreme Court categorically directed to "cease and desist, forthwith, from using any of its funds in supporting, directly or indirectly the recruitment of SPOs for the purposes of engaging in any form of counter-insurgency activities against Maoist/Naxalite group" and ordered to disarm and disband over 6500 SPOs that the Chhattisgarh state has formed. The bench said "the appointment of tribal youth as SPOs, who are barely literate, for temporary periods, and armed with firearms, had endangered and will necessarily endanger the human rights of others in society". The Supreme Court also ordered to recall all kinds of firearms and accessories that have given to these forces by the government. In addition, the bench also mentioned "the measures to be taken by the State of Chhattisgarh shall include, but not be limited to, investigation of all previously inappropriately or incompletely investigated instances of alleged criminal activities of Salwa Judum, or those popularly known as Koya Commandos".


Public Meeting Against Military intervention in Central India

Press Release - Report and Resolution of the Public Meeting Against Military intervention in Central India - held in Gandhi Peace Foundation, New Delhi, on 21 May 2011

Today, on 21st March, Forum against War on People successfully conducted a public meeting to register strong protest against the army encroachment in Abujhmad, Bastar. The speakers included eminent political activists, writers, civil rights activists, trade union activists and media persons. All the speakers in unison registered their strongest protest against the latest move by the Indian state to build the country's biggest army base in Abujhmad, Bastar. Although it is being called a ‘army training camp' people are in no illusion that it is a calculated step by the Indian state to move in the army in this already militarized zone of central India.


RDF Press Release

Jeeten Marandi and others in Death Row are Targets of Indian State's Conspiracy!
Immediately Withdraw the Death Sentence Pronounced against Adivasi and Dalit Cultural Activists Jeeten Marandi, Anil Ram, Manoj Rajwar and Chhatrapati Mandal!

27 June 2011--The Giridih Lower court has awarded death sentence to peoples' cultural activists Jeeten Marandi, Manoj Rajwar, Chhatrapati Mandal and Anil Ram in connection with the Chilkhari killings. On 27 October, 2007, Anup Marandi, the son of Babulal Marandi, ex-chief minister of Jharkhand, was shot dead by the Maoists along with 19 members of the Nagarik Suraksha Samiti, a vigilante gang promoted and patronised by the ex-chief minister.



Dear Friends, Forum Against War on People is holding a public meeting on the brutalities commited by the Indian State on the people, particularly the tribal people of Central and Eastern India in the past two year since the Operation Green Hunt launched by the Home Minister, P Chidambaram.
The meeting will also focus on massive Military Bases that are being planned by the Indian Government in Bastar and Rayagada.


Notice of Rally and Public Meeting at Madurai in Tamilnadu in Solidarity with the Struggle for Tamil Eelam

Struggle to hang the genocidal murderers Rajapakse caucus!

JULY 8, 2011(Friday) in Madurai, Tamilnadu,
Rally & Public meeting
Rally starts at: Jansirrani park, Nethaji road, 4 P.M.
Public meeting held at: near Koodal Azhagar perumal temple, Periyar bus stand, Madurai, 6 P.M
Working class! Students! Youths! Women! Let us Rally around!


CRPP: "Condemn the Illegal Detention of CPI (Maoist) leaders!

PRESS RELEASE (30/04/2011) --

Condemn the Illegal Detention of Central Committee Members of the CPI (Maoist) Vijay Kumar (Jaspal), Varanasi Subramaniam (Saroj), Jhantu Mukherjee along with Three Villagers by the Bihar Police! 
Demand the Immediate Production of the Six before a Court of Law!