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All material relating to popular resistance to state attacks against the people

CRPP: On the Occasion of the acquittal of people’s cultural artist Jiten Marandi and 3 others from death sentence by the Ranchi High Court

Let Us Demand that those police officials who fabricated evidence against Jiten and others be brought to book! Oppose Death Penalty as a Form of Punishment of the State!

Invitation for a Convention:  Delhi, India International Centre, Lodhi Road

20 December 2011, 10 am to 8 pm

Dear Friends, We extend our greetings from the Committee for the Release of Politicial Prisoners.

As we all know the Ranchi High Court have acquitted people's cultural artist Jiten Marandi and 3 others on the 15 December 2011. In this occasion the convention which was to be held on the 20 December 2011 demanding the acquittal of Jiten Marandi and Manoj Rajwar, Chatrapati Mandal and Anil Ram, who were framed in the notorious Chilkhari case will happen albeit with a slight change in the demands.

This convention has assumed significance at a juncture when the state is criminalising all forms of dissent with impunity. It is significant that Jiten Marandi who is from a poor peasant family, being from his own social location as well seeing the hardships of his people, through his songs of protest was trying to expose the growing trend of impunity of the state and the need for the vast sections of the masses to unite against all forms of oppression and exploitation. Jiten Marandi is also one of the secretaries of the CRPP. Jiten who became part of the Jharkand Aibhen a cultural platform of the oppressed and exploited Adivasis of Jharkhand gave vent to the anguish and sufferings of his people. In that process his voice became that of not only the oppressed and exploited in Jharkhand but of all those in the subcontinent who wanted to see an end to such dehumanising existence. He became the rallying point for all forms of resistance that gave voice to the anguish and anger of the most deprived, oppressed and exploited. For the first time a people's cultural activist was given death row for the only reason that he echoed the grave concerns of the toiling masses against the anti-people policies of the government.


Long Live the United Struggle of the People for the Acquittal of People's Cultural Activist Jiten Marandi and others!

Let us demand that the police and the politicians who were hand in glove in fabricating evidence against him be brought to book!

Let us continue our struggle for the abolishment of Death Penalty as a form of Punishment by the State!

COMMITTEE FOR THE RELEASE OF POLITICAL PRISONERS, 16/12/2011--We at the CRPP are proud to share the good news of the acquittal of people's cultural activist Jiten Marandi and 3 others, Manoj Rajwar, Chatrapati Mandal and Anil Ram, who were framed in the notorious Chilkhari case where on 26 October 2007 cadres of the CPI (Maoist) party allegedly killed 19 members which included the son of former Chief Minister of Jharkhand, Babulal Marandi. What the papers later reported was that the 19 members who were killed belonged to the vigilante gang-a la Salwa Judum of Chhattisgarh-Nagarik Suraksha Samiti which was propped by Babulal Marandi and was wreaking havoc in the lives of the poor people of the region. By now the grave injustice to Jiten and 3 others through political conspiracy and vendetta which took the form of acts of impunity of the police and the powers that be which was brought to the notice of the world by CRPP and other democratic and freedom loving sections has been vindicated through the acquittal of all the four by the High Court of Jharkhand.

It took exactly 3 years 8 months and 3 days for the sustained campaign from all democratic and progressive sections of the masses of the people to realise the final acquittal of Jiten Marandi and 3 others. Further the case slapped on Jiten Marandi and the consequent award of death sentence to him and 3 others is a pattern in the method of impunity that the so-called guardians of law indulge in to perpetuate an undeclared emergency in the length and breadth of the subcontinent where the poorest of the poor are fighting against a sustained policy of loot and plunder of their resources, their lives and livelihoods.

It is high time that we demand that those who are responsible for such acts of impunity be brought to book.


Mass Democratic and Revolutionary organizations condemn State Murder


We strongly condemn the brutal and cold-blooded murder of Mallojula Koteshwara Rao alias Kishanji by the security forces in the Burisole forest area of West Bengal.

Now it is very much clear from various sources that the Maoist leader Kishanji was first captured and severely tortured by security forces and then killed in a planned fake encounter under the connivance of both West Bengal and Central governments. Mamata Banerjee government of West Bengal has used almost the same weapon of ‘Peace Talk’ to eliminate the Maoist leader as by the R. S. Reddy government in AP.


PUDR Denounces State Suppression Of Democratic Organizations In The Name Of Maoism

By Harish Dhawan & Paramjeet Singh, PUDR Press Release

8 December 2011: PUDR denounces the statement given by state home minister Jitendra Singh in Rajya Sabha on 7 December 2011 in which he asserted that the CPI (Maoist) is active in Delhi and named several groups as being the Party's front organizations.

Answering question no. 1637 raised by BJP MP Kusum Rai, Jitendra Singh stated that in Delhi, the CPI (Maoist) is operating through the Delhi City Committee. Apart from the Party itself, Singh went on to say, left-wing extremist organizations like CPML-New Democracy and CPML-Liberation have an active presence in Delhi. Besides, Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF), People's Democratic Front of India (PDF), Committee for the Release of Political Prisoners (CRPP) and Democratic Students Union (DSU) were also named as front organizations by Singh, who also admitted that no inputs have yet been received to indicate that 'sleeper cells, of Naxalites are functional in the capital.

The organizations named have not played a part in armed resistance or violent struggle but have consistently raised their voice against state suppression. It is clear that by labelling such groups as Maoist, the state is trying to curb their dissent.


Press Statement on the cold-blooded murder of Maoist Leader, Kishanji


We strongly condemn the cold-blooded murder and planned assassination of Kishanji alias Mallojula Koteswara Rao, Politburo Member of CPI (Maoist) in Burishol forest area, Paschim Midnapore District, Jangalmahal, West Bengal on 24 November 2011. At the time of this murder Kishanji was dealing with the process of peace talks through the interlocutors appointed by the Chief Minister of West Bengal Ms. Mamata Banerjee. Such a heinous crime should be condemned by all justice loving people.

According CPI (Maoist) statement issued to the media on today, Kishanji was arrested and tortured and then brutally killed. This murder looks much similar to that of Azad's in July 2010, when Azad was brutally tortured and killed while he was dealing with the Union Government's offer of peace talks through union Home Ministry appointed interlocutor.


Oppose the Death Sentence on People's Cultural activist Jiten Marandi and others!

Oppose Death Penalty as a Form of Punishment of the State!

Invitation for a Convention: Multi-Purpose Hall, India International Centre (IIC), New Delhi, 20 December 2011, 10 am to 8 pm

Dear Friends,  We extend our greetings from the CRPP.

With the increasing onslaught of the state on the everyday lives of the people in the form of the policies of Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation (LPG) the people are left with little option but to resist against these policies of Displacement, Destruction, Destitution and Death-the four dreaded Ds. As a response the state is resorting to Death Sentence as a form of punishment to see an end to such resistance from the people. The so-called war against terror is also a convenient alibi through which the state further criminalises all forms of political dissent; it further targets the minority communities in the subcontinent. The CRPP has decided to hold a day-long convention on the need to oppose Death Penalty as a form of punishment resorted to by the Indian State against the masses of the people.




8 November 2011.  After a prolonged uncompromising struggle by the student community for the last six months with JNU Forum's initiative, the administration today on 8 November was forced to revoke its authoritarian 'restraint' order on the JNU Forum against War on People. All the prohibitions on the JNU Forum, including the holding of public meetings, printing and distribution of pamphlets, posters etc. have also been removed. The administration could not provide any valid reason for the imposition of the restrain - which is tantamount to banning a political organization - and was forced to admit of its mistake in taking this undemocratic and unprecedented repressive action.


Statement of CPI (Maoist)


Press Release: November 25, 2011

Condemn the brutal murder of Comrade Mallojula Koteswara Rao, the beloved leader of the oppressed masses, the leader of Indian revolution and CPI (Maoist) Politburo member!

Observe protest week from November 29 to December 5
and 48-hour ‘Bharat Bandh’ on December 4-5!!


Comdemn the Repression of Students Against War at JNU

Please sign and return this statement to ICAWPI.  And see the Background Note, after the statement, below:

To The Vice Chancellor, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

We are shocked to note the continuing prohibition on the activities of the JNU Forum against War on People by your administration. It has been almost six months since the ‘restraint order’ has been imposed on the JNU Forum allegedly for violating the State Emblem of India Act (Prohibition of Improper Use) 2005, pending a Proctorial Enquiry. As a result, the fundamental rights entitled to any students’ body –freedom of expression and right to political dissent, among others – have been denied in a highly arbitrary manner.