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Resolution of Mumbai Convention on Operation Green Hunt

January 16, 2010:  The Central Government has declared a war  -- not against any external enemy - but against our own people in central and eastern India, peopled primarily by adivasis, covering the states of Chattisgarh, AP, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Orissa and West Bengal. More than 100,000 personnel of the police and the para-military forces have been deployed in these regions. This war is being fought by the Indian government at the behest of multinational and Indian corporations and covertly supported by the US security establishment, to forcibly displace the adivasis to hand over their ancestral homelands and forests to the corporations for plunder of the rich natural resources of these regions in pursuit of the policies of liberalization and privatisation.

The companies who stand to benefit the most from this war and with whom 100s of MOUs [Memorandums of Understanding] have been signed by the respective state governments like Tata, Essar Steel, Vedanta, Jindal, Mittal, Posco etc.

Earlier the government's attempts at large scale land grabbing for SEZs and the like had witnessed massive resistance by the people as seen in Kashipur, Kalinganagar, Singur, Nandigram, and in Chattisgargh amongst others. The government had used various methods like widespread use of draconian laws such as NSA, UAPA, Chattisgarh Special Public Security Act, to silence and crush all voices of dissent by arresting several political activists and sympathizers and holding them without bail. This is in addition to the rampant use of extra-legal methods like fake encounters, custodial killings and torture, rape and arson.The various state governments also sponsored the arming and training local vigilante groups like Salwa Judum to assist them in their diabolic schemes. In Chattisgarh, around 3 lakh adivasis have been forcibly dispossessed from their lands and herded into Salwa Judum camps by the side of the highways. The adivasis whose lives are intrinsically linked to their lands, forests and rivers, have waged an uncompromising struggle in keeping with the glorious traditions of the anti-colonial struggles led and participated in by them.

Since all these attempts of the State have been thwarted, the government has now intensified its armed offensive against the people of these regions, by launching Operation Green Hunt. The offensive is to crush all forms of resistance against government policies and curbing the democratic rights of the people. The State has imposed an undeclared emergency whereby people are denied all constitutional rights, the media is being muzzled, bribed and censored into portraying only the government's version. Any form of protest and dissent against government policies is being branded and persecuted as 'anti-national' or against 'national interests, and all forms of resistance is being termed as 'naxalism' or 'maoism'.

All democratic and progressive forces of the country must come together to resist this armed offensive which will result in the annihilation of adivasis who today are fighting for their survival against government policies. It is only an organized mass movement of all democratic and progressive forces that can check this State in its brutal and barbaric offensive.


  • That the State immediately withdraws its armed forces -and stops this war on people
  • That all MOUs and agreements with foreign multinationals and Indian corporates for the plunder of natural resources of the adivasis be cancelled
  • That the land grabbed by the State should be restored to adivasis who are the rightful owners and the tribals' ownership of these resources is not negotiable.
  • That those displaced from their lands should be permitted to return without any obstruction whatsoever
  • The rights of the adivasis over the lands, forests, mineral resources and rivers be recognized and they be treated with honour and equality
  • A Commission of Enquiry comprising three retired High Court judges be instituted to go into the crimes committed against the adivasis since 2005 and the guilty be tried under a Special Court
  • Earnest implementation of the provisions of Schedule V of the Constitution of India
  • All activists who have been imprisoned in the struggle for the people's demands be released forthwith and the cases against them be withdrawn

Organised by Committee for Protection of Democratic Rights,  LokShahi Hakk Sangathana