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PEACE NOW in Tribal Areas--Press Invitation

Date:               May 18, 2010 (Tuesday)

Time:               12:00 PM to 2:00 PM

Venue:            Press Club of India, 1 Raisina Road, New Delhi

Why is it that the largest democracy in the world as India claims to be is undemocratic to some of the most democratic people-the tribals? Why is it that the Indian government since independence has not kept its word with the tribals who believe in the honour of the word?

We the concerned citizens would invite you to a Press Conference by Dr. BD Sharma, the Former Commissioner for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, someone who has spend more than half his life among the tribals in his tireless endeavour to understand them closely so as to make sure the place for the inherently democratic tribal people in the Indian Union after 1947.

The authority and credibility of Dr. BD Sharma is unquestioned in these affairs that the CPI (Maoist) also had named him as one of the possible mediators between them and the Government of India in the proposed modalities to build a conducive ground for dialogue. Dr. Sharma had recently brought to the notice of the President of India the unprecedented constitutional crisis that is unfolding in the Scheduled Areas where a civil war like situation is prevailing. He is of the firm opinion that some of the uniqueaspects of the tribal situation are hardly in public discourse. This Press meet to be addressed by Dr. BD Sharma is also an attempt to bring to the public domain those unique aspects while at the same time releasing the Open Letter to the President of India.

Dr. BD Sharma's association with tribal people began as Collector and District Magistrate in Bastar (1968) and continued thereafter in one capacity or the other.  He believes that ours is a case of best intention not fulfilled for a variety of reasons. It is still not too late and a fresh beginning can be made for restoration of people's trust. "PEACE NOW in tribal areas" is feasible within the constitutional frame, if all concerned commit to go by its real spirit.

We the Concerned Citizens once again extend this invitation to all the media-persons and journalists to cover this important event.


Sumit Chakravartty and other Concerned Citizens,

Ph: 9810787580                          email: concernedcitizensnow@gmail.com