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Justice Sachar: Development Should Not Violate Rights of Locals

New Delhi: Noting that industrial development should not bypass masses, former Delhi High Court Chief Justice Rajinder Sachar on Monday said government should ensure that people's livelihoods were not snatched away and human rights not violated while pursuing development projects.

Referring to the land acquisitions in Singur and Nandigram in West Bengal and elsewhere leading to mass agitation, Sachar said development should benefit the local people and leaving them out of the loop is in a way violating their rights.

"A mere six per cent people get benefit of the water released from Narmada Dam. The government itself admits that only 20 per cent of the NREGA has been properly implemented. If the local people are not benefiting by any project, then what is the point?" Sachar said.

"Agencies like Church of England and Amnesty have withdrawn their support from Vedanta and Posco as they violating human rights in Orrisa," he said.

Referring to the situation in some villages in UP, he said the nexus between the administration and local mafia is most worrying and creates an environment of indiscipline and fear.

"The situation in these villages are barbaric. People are arrested on false charges of being Maoist sympathiser, illegal mining is rampant and goons loot people, shot them," Sachar added.

Expressing concern over the fact that over 5 crore adivasis have been displaced in India for various reasons, Sachar said the local people have the basic rights over the natural resources of the area.

"Gangster Act was imposed on innocent people only because they protested illegal mining and fish auctioning," Imtiaz Ahmad, a social scientist said.

Highlighting the plight of the villagers of Kaushambi district that speaks of the "anti-poor" stance of Mayawati government, they demanded Gangster Act be withdrawn from those arrested besides restoring law and order.

(Zee News, 29th March)