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Feb 5th Protest Actions in Front of Indian Embassies in Europe

Today with the initiative of ATIK (Confederation of Workers from Turkey in Europe) protest actions in front of the Indian Embassies were held in various cities in Europe. These include Den Haag, London, Vienna, Bern, Berlin and Frankfurt. The protests were held to condemn the "Operation Green Hunt" which was first launched in November 2009 by the Indian state against the people in the heartland of India. Until now, there have been few reports in the international media reporting about the extensive violations of the most fundamental human rights in India.

The statement issued by ATIK says: "With the military operation "Green Hunt", the Indian government has launched a broad repressive and brutal "offensive war" against the people of India. In the poorest regions in India the legitimate popular upraising with the support of the ethnic minorities against this war, is gaining more and more support and is gathering worldwide sympathy.

In those areas where the peoples' movement is the strongest, valuable resources have been discovered, resources that the Indian government wants to sell to the multinational corporations - and even if only partly- has already sold some of it. The Indian progressive writer Arundhati Roy says "the government doesn't give the people anything but violence and disrespect. And now they want to take away from them the last thing that they have, their land."

For this reason we oppose the operation "Green Hunt" and the repressive policies of the Indian government. We demand an immediate end to these operations, displacements and torture and demand the release of all political prisoners in India. We are in solidarity with the just struggle of the Indian people for social liberation and self determination of the indigenous people like the Adivasis.

These protests and solidarity actions were supported by different democratic migrant organizations and political parties. The primary supporters of this call are:

Platform Of Democratic Mass Organizations-Europe (DEKÖP-A):

  • ATIK (Confederation of Workers from Turkey in Europe) - info@atik-online.net
  • ADHK (Confederation For Democratic Rights in Europe) - info@adhk.de
  • Magazine YASANACAK DÜNYA - yasanacakdunya@yahoo.com
  • AvEG-Kon (Confederation of The Oppressed Migrants In Europe) - aveg-kon@hotmail.com
  • YEK-KOM (Federation der kurdischen Vereine in Deutschland) - yekkom@gmx.de

MLPD Rhein-Main region - rhs@mlpd.de

BIR-KAR Frankfurt - birkar@msn.com

The above organizations declare their unlimited solidarity with the peoples' just struggles for liberation in India and the Adivasi peoples struggles and that they are committed to continue with protests until this repression in India will finally come to an end.

Long Live International Solidarity!

ATIK News Agency

February 5th, 2010