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The Campaign

Tamil Nadu Campaign: Public Meeting, Chennai, 20 February

The Indian State has declared a civil war called 'Operation Green Hunt' to crush the Maoists and the Naxalbari movement. This battlefield spreads beyond the jungles of Dandakaranya. The forms of the war may change with respect to the place, but the aim of the war is the same-To Recolonize the Country to serve the interests of MNCs and Imperialists. It's an outright lie that the war is being waged only because Maoists are undertaking an armed struggle. People are seething in anger with the numerous recolonization onslaughts. The state understands this fact and also knows that only Naxalites have the ability and courage to ignite the spark among the masses.

Com. Mukundan,
President, New Democratic Labour Front, Tamilnadu.


High Court Lawyer, Bengaluru.

Com.Varavara Rao
VIRASAM (Revolutionary Writer's Association), Andhra Pradesh.

General Secretary, People's Art and Literary Association, Tamilnadu.

Revolutionary Cultural Programme by Central Arts Troupe, PALA.

Venue : MGR Nagar Market, Near Ashok Pillar, Chennai. Feb 20, 2010, 6:00 PM


Report of Campaign Across Tamil Nadu

"Resist the Naxal Witch Hunt! Organise Under the Naxal Leadership to Fight Recolonisation!"

Carrying forward the slogan, "War Against Naxals: The War Against Adivasis, Fishermen, and Peasants," PALA and its revolutionary organisations have been intensely involved in the campaign against the state-declared civil war, Operation Green Hunt. Using pamphlets, booklets and posters that expose the ulterior motives of the Indian state behind this blood-thirsty war, comrades have been campaigning across the state in buses, trains, factories, and street corners. These organisations have also been organizing hall meetings, seminars, and cultural programmes as part of their campaign against the Operation Green Hunt. Democratic forces and working classes have been supporting this venture and generously contributing to this effort, understanding the importance of resisting this Naxal witch hunt and the need to take forward the struggle against recolonisation.

These organisations, along with several other democratic forces and organizations, arranged hall meetings in Chennai, Coimbatore, and Salem in the month of January. T. Vellaiyan, president of the Tamil Nadu Vanigar Sanga Peravai (Forum of Tamilnadu Traders' Union); C. C. Rajagopalan, a senior educationalist; Com. Thirumalairasan, senior advocate; Com. Balan, advocate, Karnataka High Court; and Aranga. Sampath Kumar, advocate, Chennai High Court stressed the need and importance of organising against this blood-thirsty war.

These seminars and hall meetings were attended by several hundreds of people, and comrades, in their campaigns on trains and buses, have taken this issue to several lakhs of people. The campaign to resist the Naxal witch hunt and to fight against recolonisation is being taken forward with great support from the people of Tamil Nadu.